March 6, 2007

It's kind of hard to define.

I think i'm a super fussy girl who live on the mountain. Yesterday, went shopping with Milofreeze for caps before Hip Hop I Open class. I couldnt find a cap i really like or there's too many to choose from. In the end i bought this Sesame Street tee from Action City. Heh.. i so love the shirt! Although the shirt color wasnt that nice.

We walked from Far East to Heeren, Heeren to Cineleisure, Cineleisure to Plaza Singapura. Finally, went to Penisula Plaza and head to Oschool. LOL. We have strong legs.

A visit at Wen workplace,

Wanna play hide-and-seek? Heh.

We went to Cineleisure for a break,

Mrs Field, nice? =D

Emotions taken from Plaza Singapura,

Which are you?

Suddenly, i feel blessed.

When the clock tick tocks
i hope everything stops
'cos at the moment
it feel alot like
alot like..

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