March 13, 2007

The heat of the sun, the warm of the heart.

(I believe i can do more facial expression than this. LMAO.)

My dad say i'm unable to stay home. Yes, i got this habit to go out when i'm off from work. Everytime i go out, i will take tons of pictures and that explains why my blog is full of pictures.. and some may be crossed 'cos there may be errors.

On Monday(which is yesterday), i went to the Zoo with Ben and then went for dance open class at night. The trip to the zoo was rather hot and humid, but i enjoyed 'cos i take lots of pictures(finally not of myself but animals). And thanks Ben for taking care of this crazy friend of yours! Haha. For the open class, it was Carol's. I couldnt quite followed and was rather discourage. We sorta have a chat with Carol and like what she say, being a dancer need to get adapt to changes fast.. i guess i'm still lack of that.

Hopefully, in years to come.. i'll become a true dancer. Be one with confidence and glamour.

Okay, pictures time!

In the gift shop,

RAWRRR. Hahah.

The lightnings make us rather "aliens".

And here are some random pictures taken together.

I kind of like this although we look retarded. Tsk tsk.

Now let me show you what the Zoo have got..

The abandon car.

Some animal.

The deers.

(One of my favourite shots!)


The white tiger.

The big bird.


The elephants.

The crocodiles.


Grass animal.

Wish upon a well.

Horse carriage.

The horse.


(One of my favourite shots!)

(One of my favourite shots!)

The pigs.

The giraffe.

The zebras.

The ostrich.

The polar bears.

The sick camel. Hah.

End of animal pictures.

Hah. I think too much pictures become too boring. STILL, i'll upload pictures.


We're the statues! HAHAH.

Now the kangaroos. LOL.

Cute animal! =D

I drive! Heh.

The lorry.

I think without camera, my life will be boring. Eh no, without friends my life will be dead.

Updates of yesterday today, but later.

Nothing last forever
but perhaps
a long long time.

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