March 11, 2007

A little too crazy, and a little clumsy.

(The best shots among all, i look kind of horrible 'cos the wind keep blowing my hair. More pictures again and take care in camp YO! =D. zoooooooo...)

Okay, on Friday went to meet Milofreeze for lunch then went to meet YT for shopping. Then during the night, went to meet Cheng Cheng.. Leonard and the rest at SMU. I didn bought anything during the shopping trip 'cos i spend too much money already.

So i keep insist of helping YT take pics, so to test my "artistic skill" and make him love the camera.
LOL. I too teach him how to take free neoprints..

We both shared the same facial expression. LOL. I pretty like this one 'cos is rather cute.

Of myself..

Teehee. And it's been ages since i wear this dress alike top.

Now is photoshot time.

In the green GREEN world.



.. we're GAY as in HAPPY people. Lol.

Aiyah, YT get influence by this camera freak and start to have more pictures in his friendster. I think everyone around get influence by me.. is this good or not?

Hah. More updates later. My eyes need a rest.

I think a male and a female can be good friends.

Still i miss you and YOU.

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