January 31, 2007

There's a sense of loss.

I've so much urge to cut my hair today(maybe 'cos i'm bored or i'm down). Liting and Yiling cut their hair too. Hmms, everytime i cut my hair, it is the time when it starts to look nice. LOL.

At first i thought of cutting my fringe like those dolls, in the end.. i cut my whole hair. Let me show you a extreme(or a minor if it seems) makeover. Tsk, the hair make me feel like secondary school days.. and i dont look so good in pictures anymore.

This is before,

The lady-like and quite-long-hair-length to me hair.
(My longest hair.)


Short yes? hahah. I look like a kid oh man. Later on, went to town with Liting to pluck my eyebrows, and we did on some eyeshadow shimmering thingy. Lols. I didn post the pictures with Liting 'cos i look rather ugly. =[.


School days have been rather short due to lessons being cancel. I'm happy 'cos i can rest more but it also mean that the chance of seeing i-know-who(he-dont-know) is lesser. I can only see him when there's common test and final exams. And yes tomorrow.

But i guess it doesnt matter much. How can he possible feel for me?


I beat around the bush in my blog telling i like somebody. I wonder if he happens to see, will he know? Or simply scare the hell out of him?

Nevermind, here's my new adidas show i bought from Leftfoot shop-alike. They're having sale. The usual price for the shoe is $129 and now it's $90. WEEE.

Nice? =D. Thought it is not my favourite color, still i like the design.

I'm broke already. I need to work more and i hope tomorrow the first thing i see in my POSB account, is the money rolling. Heh.

I think i'll sleep early.

There's this waiting
and then still waiting
hoping for a chance
hoping for few laughters
to kill some of the monsters
in the brain that keep appearing.

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