February 4, 2007

My Sunny Rain.

..brightens up my day.


"There is no modern romance."
Then can i have fairy tales? =/

Imagine on the 14th of February, although you're working.. you received flowers and teddy bears from admirers. Imagine there's this particular you feel for wait for you to finish work, and then celebrate that day together. Although it may be just a movie, or just an accompany back home.. you feel happy. You feel sweet, like you eat five full spoons of sugar. You feel light, like you're going against gravity.

That's the coming Valentine Day, and i happen to be schedule to work. I think i watch too much dramas already, something like that wont happen to me.

As you starts to grow older, every day matters.. much more.

But you cant make yourself matters much more(or even matter) to you-know-who(he-dont-know).

I miss him, i dont know why.

It shines
like how
the rain
can be

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