January 31, 2007

I've got this sickness.

I think only i-know-who(he-dont-know) can cure.

Anyway, i change a new layout. How's it? Heh. Yes, i need to mention that there's pop-ups appearing in my blog. I dont know why, i will cure it in a few days time. If i cant, any pros in HTML can help me? THANKS YOU IN ADVANCE.

There's authoring test just now. I think i will get a C or D again. I've already got a D for photoshop which i dont understand why i get so bad, and a D for flash which is quite understand-able. I've a re-test on thursday, and the most i can get is a C.. so i shall try my best to get a C!

After school, accompany Zhihui to go Vivo City 'cos i feel abit bored going school for just two hours. Eug went too 'cos she have to meet her Uncle there. And that includes cam-whoring..
(..and v long since i post pictures in medium sizes. LOL.)

My beloved tweety turned so HUGE. Lols.

Can you see my tongue? Lol.

As the wind blows..

Zhihui went home after taking her calender at TheFaceShop. And here's Eug and me at the "playground". We self-entertained by taking pictures and yea, it seems childhood.


The messy and spastic me. Lol.

We say PEEK-A-BOO.



The emo Eug.

Dont worry, just cramps. LMAO.

The normal me.

Here's some collage.

We've a kid in us. HAHA.

Lastly, i cam-whored in the changing room at Zara.


There's a news to break,

I've been transfer to Marina Square Quiksilver/Roxy.

..mix feelings i've got. Lol. And i'm so stupid that i said i can work on the wednesday 14th Feb, i forget is valentine day. But who cares, i dont have a boy, MONEY MONEY. Ha.

I miss you all besties, and a whole chunk of peeps.

There's this thing turing
churning in my mind
was that you
was that you..

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