November 6, 2006

I'm just too busy, a woman.

Afterall, working in ROXY aint that bad. I didn get too tired, just that i think i dont look like a surf shop sales assistant. LOL. I still have alot to learn, and working there makes me so feel like buying clothes(i've eyed on a white shorts and a collar top). Today i bought a greeeeen slippers! ;p

I hope everytime i worked, BK and Ivan will be there, 'cos they make the place more noisy and lively. And THANKS Eug and Trix for visiting me on saturday! GREATLY APPRECIATED.

I'm really packed. From monday to friday i've got school. On saurday(1o3o-9) and sunday(1o3o-8) i've got work. So i bet i cant see alot of peeps already. BOOK me in advance okay? I fill in a space to meet your! =D

Family and friends, all of them is my life.

My life? I've got none.

I miss you, really.

I dont want to hurt anyone but i did.

I say this but i dont mean that.

I haven do maths tutorial 3, DONT CARE ALREADY. I must sleep.. i should kick my blogging habits. =/

To end,

Take a look at my horrid face.

Handsomes and pretties
are just some eye candies
are just some lollipops
after a while
after some time
they just melts
they just got tasteless
and you realise
and you notice
they're all illusion.

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