November 7, 2006

If there's no tomorrow..

I wanna be a kid, 'cos a kid 've no worries.

So this is the third time i went to Vivo city(6 November).

The rooftop.

The three of us..

J, Trix and Zhihui.

It writtens..

"No life guard on duty."


At the playground area,

this is the yellows..

The reds..

(I've only got you, small boy.)

The greens..

The blues..

I was trying to climb through the hole, but my size dont allow. LMAO.

I've esctacy on,

Everything so blurrrrr.

So many me..

I dont understand.

Toy 'r' Us,

I wanna be your princess, can i?

Pretty Trix. =D

I'm just some crazy one,

be my transformer.

I'm fine just that all aint the same already. I didn called 'cos i usually call my mum and home only. I dont really talk on the phone and etc(unless someone call, or asked me to call back).

Thanks for not breaking your promise. =D

Friends we'll be, forever? Nah, as long as possible.

To end,

Listen to my horrible voice.
(Jessica singing "Jessica")

That heart of mine
dies, then death, then dead.


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