November 9, 2006

Sometimes, one word conveys a number of meanings.

Okay, how does you intepret(sp?) this sentence when you look at it?

A woman without her man is nothing.




A woman without her man, is nothing
A woman: without her, man is nothing.

WOW, aint that amazing? HAHAH. That's what i learned today during Communication Skills.

Here's another one,
We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning the imperfect perfect.

and this sentence makes me feel awlful. It's so true like WAH LAU.

Okay, so yesterday went to watch Superstars live at Mediacorp. I think the route to mediacorps is damn creepy, you'll see alot of BIG big houses, besides that there's still lots of dogs WOOF-ing at you. And YEA, wore pretty pretty to school. ;p

(During break at the fountain.)

They've similar white skirts and heels. =/

I test my camera skills again.

Shot of Eug, aint that nice? WEE.

This is me,

..with that flat hair of mine.

I tried the timer,


(After school, went to thomsom plaza to "wander")

While waiting for bus.

We went Swensens to eat ice-cream. Heh.

ZH is trying to avoid the cam. =/

Frosted malt ice-cream? Hmms, although it's chocolate ice-cream but i dont like the taste of this. =[

(Our walk to mediacorp.)

Trix leading the way.

Those eerie roads.

Those eerie cage and lorries.

This is the eerie house.

AND here's the video of those scary dogs.

Anyway, ZH joked that Andrew was with Joan at first. But she broke off with Joan and went with John. LOL.

So Andrew change from a normal to a gay.
(Pardon if i offended anyone with those names.)

(Upon reaching..)


The Superstars.

The banners or BIG posters.

Anyway, the long walk makes me sweat so much that i looked horrible.

Trix and me with the tickets.

Although they say no camera is allowed, i still manage to capture the picture of the stage. ALSO, i film down few seconds of the duet between Diya and Sheila. i cant post them till the show is posted on tv, i think. 'Cos it might invade some laws? LOL.


I borrowed three poems book from the library today. Great. I wanna be a poet some day. HAHA.

Indecisive kills. It kills the brain of mine, my thoughts wanders. Then my heart goes faster. Till i still dont know if it's true. They say maybe maybe it's true but maybe that imperfection kills me. That quote i learned today stabbed me, leaving me blanks.

Falling through doorways
down train stations
trains plunging into tunnels
wired deep into the heart
of a city
that is also falling.

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