October 24, 2006

What i want to say is i'm tired.

Some randoms to update.
1. I've work continously for four days, that is saturday + sunday + monday + tuesday. That makes me horribly tired.
2. The job ask me to be dishwasher for the three out of four days. Fcuk.
3. I've quit the job at Zingdo, the 30th(a monday) will be my last day.
4. I probably be working next month at a new place. I'M WAITING FOR THEM TO CALL ME. PLEASE DONT FLY ME AEROPLANE. =[
5. I've been tying hair to school 'cos i dont look nice with my hair down. I'm LEARNING TO TIE. TRIX TEACH ME AR.
6. I've grow so much fairer.
7. I treasure my family.
8. I treasure my friends.
9. Thanks K. for the mp3.
10. Thanks ALL.
11. I saw ma friend with a SUPER handsome TALL tanned boyfriend. That makes me DOOPER envy.
12. I can do better body waves already(i think). EUG TEACH ME DANCE AR.
13. I still think THIRTEEN is a nice number. MY favourite.
14. I keep eating non-stop.
15. I think school is absolutely boring and i've got no much mood.
16. I wanna know new peeps.
17. I think i'm just too lazy.
18. I've got a blue-black at my back.
19. I gonna pain my nails yellow before i sleep!
20. I want a BOY. Maybe a TALL DARK nice(or decent) looking chap.
21. I miss this particular but i still not sure if it's liking.
22. I like Rain's song MOVE ON.
23. I record myself singing ABC in german. WEE.
24. I'm sleeping.
26. YOU-KNOW-SHOP, PLEASE CALL AND TELL ME THE SCHEDULE. Remember you say you hire me already. FORGET ME NOT =[

Open your heart baby
Let me be the one
to whole you tight
Be the one you wait
for every night
I'll always be right
by your side
So give me a chance

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