October 21, 2006

Suddenly i turn on the emo button.

I've been trying to get in to the create post button from blogger but it simply dont work.. till now.

I wonder why sometimes i show a pissed or fierce written on my face but i dont know. I guess i'm too tired, i guess i'm too tired of life(work, study and out). I wonder why people think you look down on them when you never praise them. I dont praise people often 'cos i dont use to, but when i really praise them.. i really mean it. When i say okay to some things it doesnt mean they are not nice, just that too much of the things seems quite nice that all become okay. Or too many till i dont know which is nice or not.

I know prasing makes ones feel better and when some praise me i feel better too, but my mouth just get stuck. Can nice be keep in the heart?

If somethings is keep in the heart that i suddenly feel like saying, cant i? It stills need the place, situation and time. Life is so heavy, all of i-dont-know.

I never think i'm better then anybody, for all i want to be better than myself. For i never break the shell within. I say i want this and that, but i never do it.

I wonder if i change some of my flaws, it may be for my own good.. but is that me again? YES, it's still me but i change to another me.

I've become more SELF-obessed this days or over-high with high-news or shocking stuffs, that i think i'm great maybe. I think the girls problem is coming so i change too. I think working makes me go more negative 'cos you've to put on fake faces. I think i've make it a habit to show my emotions to people whom i know longer. For i think they understand. I know they do but..

For, is that wrong? Sorry ALL.

I get pissed lately so i scold vulgars at who-ever. I get so tired lately that i never talk before thinking. TO conclude, i just need more sleep.. talk less and SMILE MORE.

For i grow this big, someone give me a bouquet of flowers. Great or not? SHOCKING i may be.

Thanks for that flower. It's nice. Heh.

I think i'll update lesser already. Till i find the time i'll update more.

Work school work. It's killing me, my brain, my emotions and everything. Be happy yes?

Happy Sad Happy Sad
Sad Happy Sad Happy
Happy Sad Happy Sad
Sad Happy Sad Happy
Happy Sad Happy Sad

..mixed emotions i've got
for alot of things
that i dont know.
or already know.

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