October 26, 2006

They said: "Groove and feel."

I shant blog about what happened and so for. I shall blog about some randoms again. Or what i want to improve or do.

1. I want to be soft like jelly and not so stiff(with regards to dance.)
2. I want to be more persistance in some stuffs.
3. I want more time. So i can learn daning, working and schooling. AND to spend time with family and friends.
4. I want more money. So i got money for more dancing classes, for transportation fee, for food and clothes.
5. I want a dancing teacher(or friend).As in one who is really good and willing to teach me for free ;p
6. I want to have a better memory. So i can remember what the lecturers have said or taught, AND to remember dance steps.
7. I want more people to know who i am(in a good way).

8. I miss going home together as a group with classmates.
9. I miss eating lunch(or breaks) with classmates.
10. I miss going out to AMK or some other places with classmates.
11. I miss fruities.
12. I miss yang.
13. I miss going to sentosa.
14. I miss pass colleagues. Be it Mos Burger, Zone X, Venture Era, Hito or Zingdo.
15. I miss taking photographs.
16. I miss going out with mum.
17. I miss my brother who always snatch the computer with me.
18. I miss ah ping.
19. I miss being teased by i-know-who.
20. I miss talking to i-dont-know.
21. I miss sleeping for long hours.

I find life very funny. Funny in a way i dont understand how some think. Funny in a way i'm so right about some things. Funny in a way i wont and forever dont understand that thing. And now i wonder what am i thinking and if anybody understand my kind of thing.

Can life be simple? No.

Alot of times
you acted as if you dont know
but deep in you know all
You fake
as if you dont care
Or you acted like you know
but deep in you dont know
Those fakes
seems that you care so
much much.

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