October 3, 2006

Morning at memory's border - poems by aaron mania.

I found this book when i was in the library. Though i've only read through few pages of them.. i think the book is nice, and so much of depth. Though i dont understand some, it's still worth reading.

I'm rather sorry last night for being so hot-tempered. So sorry to Eug for being so irritate(or i-dont-know) on MSN. Still, i dont know the real reason why i got so worked up..

Hmms, i did this when i'm bored, or to show my drawing skills(or to show my frustration).

..drawing in MSN is fun. :D

I need to sleep early today. I feel weird on my right eye. During afternoon, it was so red though now it's okay already. And yeap, i've been sleeping real late lately.. it's like four, five or even six. What the hell wrong with me?

Star were kinder then:
twinkling up above
though even then i wondered
what they were; but at least
they weren't confusing constellations
that disappear behind a cloud
before i can count them.

*constellations - group of stars.

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