October 3, 2006


Last night, i drew this and thought it can become my layout picture. But i stop halfway 'cos of laziness.

And i still cant figure out what's wrong with my archives. SOMEBODY HELP ME. Or can you try to click all the archives links and tell me which one dont work? =/

The manager from Zingdo become a female already. Guess what? She cut down my working days to one, AND i only work for four hours a day. WTH. I wanna quit soon.. or till i get my pay, i shall get MIA. But again, that's being irresponsible. Any alternative?

There's a number of stuffs i haven do in my holidays.
1. Go sentosa.
2. Go to the dentist.
3. Make spectacles.
4. Buy new clothes.
5. Buy books for next semester.
6. Swimming.
7. Manicure & Pedicure.
8. Eyebrow shaping.
9. Out with friends.

...and etc.

Notice the one in bold? That is to make spectacles. Which do you think is better? Plastic or metal frames? *scratch heads.

Nevermind. Here's are some photos i owed.

The day out with wen..


We're just passerbys. =/

The fork and the nostrils. =/

Our eyes differ.

Our reflections.

The neoprint machine. HAHAH.
I look rather pale in the top picture.

Photo Buddies.

Later on.. we went to eat cakes at coffee bean.

I loves CHOCOLATE, she loves CHEESE.


TADAHH. The collage i make.

The day out with Eug, Ling, Ting and Trix.

I look rather fat. =[



WOO. COLLAGE of self-obsession.

If you came upon
someone like me
please move on
if you think
i'm not your girl
even if i'm
please seek me
and asked
if you're my
my type of boy

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