September 23, 2006

Yes or No?

I think it's a No. 'Cos i dont know.

Anyway, just now Aaron drove me around with his (or i-dont-know-who) car. 'Cos he came to collect money for class' chalet. He just got his license. For the first time i sat on a driver who's nineteen years old? Hahah. Feel a little uneasy at first, but he drove quite steady. I guide him around my area(which was around chua chu kang&yewtee). And i think i'm not a good person to guide people on road 'cos i dont know my district well either. Lol. Overall, the ride was fun and funny.

AND BROTHER THOMAS LIM COME BACK. I MISS HIM but he's sick. So i can hear him snoring away. I wanna take picture with him tomorrow, with that botak head he has. Heh.

Hmms, went to school on thursday to film some videos. We're rather crazy and all. But've only gt two photos. xD.

The Pocky Advertisement. Eheheh.

And here are some randoms i take.

The male bear without a female. =[

Going school for JMD later, then work. How bored life can be. So, i hope class chalet will be fun, and also.. more farmiliar faces coming to visit me(during work)! I WILL TRULY BE HAPPY. =D

No one ever tell me
if everything was real
It's so much of illusions
you say forever
you say eternity
Until one day
i saw it with that pair
which was once sparkling
then it falls upon
it fades
'Cos of that hands
that doesnt belong.

It was another her.

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