September 21, 2006

Rain - Move on.

Yesterday, someone said i'm fat. This makes me rather down. Then i mumble, must be the problem with the clothes. Lol. When i reach my work place.. i asked Jackson if i'm fat, he asked Priya if i am. Then he smiled and said: "Huh, you where got fat, so thin." That make me happier somehow. And he said i've got baby fat on my face but that makes me cute. HAHAH. Then i use my fingers to make fish balls on my face, showing it to him.

Anyway, i think i'm 20% skinny as in my hands and legs. But i'm VERY fat(80%) in my stomach area where you named tummy. 'Cos of work, i've the urge to eat in late nights, especially those food with high calbohydrate(sp?) like bread, noodle, chocolates and etc. Seriously those makes me very guilty.

Seriously speaking, it've been bloody hell long since i exercise.
My resolutions:
1. Go swim.
2. Go for cca more. So dance more.
3. No supper.
4. More fruits and vegetables.
5. Regular meals.

Uhh.. i think that's about it, for now. IT SEEMS HARD.

I've becoming more thick-skin in time to come.

Anyway, i've got German which was my second choice of elective. I was so anticipating that i can get japanese. Nevermind, i shall try my luck to change and i hope i'll suceed. Grins.

I think of all the new modules, i like Digital Media and design the best. 'COS I LOVE DRAWING! :D Though my drawing are cartoons and not so real.

So here's the awaiting menu! CLICK TO ENLARGE.

*Anyway, student meals is much more cheaper. It's available from monday to friday, 2pm - 5pm

Once ya indirectly broke
someone's heart
They'll never come back
no more
To be your close friend
or even friend
like the past.

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