May 28, 2006

teenage life

i'm addicted, addicted to that song by daz sampson - teenage life.

i went to visit sakura club's dance website, they show pictures of chingay 2004/2005.. some events and so for. i hope da club will join da coming chingay too, cos i wanna be part of them. LOL. i wanna have a new experience, wearing those costumes and then putting damn thick makeup. isnt da experience special? it is different from watching chingay from television, and i seriously dont watch.

someone told me if ya want to be a better dancer.. you have to be confidence, and when ya have it.. da steps wont pull ya down. i guess i lack da confidence so ma dance moves aint so nice. and cos i haven meet da standard yet? give me years.. two, three or even five years, i will become better. =D i hope i wont give up.. it's ma dream yea?

i miss playing in da rain madly, screaming and all.. with fruities. do you all remember? we all get so drenched in our school uniform, we were like so happy.


hold ma hand,
gaze and count da stars..
with me.

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