May 26, 2006

feel the beat

i'm kinda lazy to blog cos i feel that if i have new pictures taken, i should post them all.

nothing really matters now, i can only say i think alot.. and i miss alot of people. i wonder why life is like this, people whom you are very close to for a paricular moment, can be an extremely stranger. dont ya hate this feeling? but come to think of it, that's life aint it? shrugs.

i dis-continue da dance in ytcc. i'm kinda sad though, da tcher is great.. da dance mates too. BUT i aint giving up on dancing.. i'll still learn dancing in ma cca which is sakura club. hmms, for alot of people.. they'll like end up laughing.. "WHAT? that club is so funny and stupid, with that traditional costumes!" wahaa.. i'm like this when i went to da club crawl and saw them. BUT da club is nice.. it's different from what i saw, so people.. before ya comment on anything, ya must feel it yourself.[same to maself]

i'm joining another hip hop classes at chinatown with some classmates too. it will start next month. i hope i make da right choice.. to choose da dance classes at chinatown to da one at ytcc. it's much more expensive i suppose, sixty five bucks for five lessons.

i need money, to buy a thumbdrive, to sign up for oncoming onCOMING ONCOMING dance classes and to buy transport concession[ninety plus]. wait, i dont think i need them, i just want them.

went out with wen last saturday. we took losta pictures though. and yea, i went to pluck ma eyebrow, notice da different. LOL.



reflects us.


after, i look older like two-three years. o_o.






i'm sleeping? HAA.


ma teeth seems yellow. SHIT.

i'm only thirteen years old.


i hate ma teeth man. HAHA. i need BLEACH.


LAUGHTER. they says it all.

camera, ma life.

..capturing every moment.

photo buddies.

Lead Me.

i know i aint good at dancing and am still stiff, but i'm trying ma best. so please stop critcising and all, i couldnt take it. and please, dont criticise about ma looks and appearance.. i'm v concious about it. i know ma lips is pale like shit, but i've a sensitive lips when i'm young. for godness sake, dont ever say u like someone or miss someone when your actions dosent match.

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