June 6, 2006

devil beside you

i'm been quiet recently, shoot me lah. i'm tired of stuffs, i'm tired of school work, i'm tired of not enough sleep, i'm tired of being alone, i'm tired of not being notice and i'm tired of thinking.

study break is coming in another two days time. i'm so glad cos i can sleep for longer hours.. but it also means projects and revision. i hope everyday will be pack, i got to go out with fruities[sentosa outing], classmates[class outing?], dance lessons, back to secondary school[to take o' cert] and etc. i wonder if it really will be pack, i guess maybe.. pack for just a week and i'm rotting. HAA.

YA, i watched she's the man with weiliang brother. he told me he's going NS already. i'll miss him lah, he's da one that talk to me and all.. and then sorta making me think through. LOL. and we sorta stare at people walking around and rate them, we rate them 1 - 10 for their handsome-dy or pretty-ness. we're mean? ..and i know i dont rate much too. o_o.

GOSH, do ya know leon superstar? he's in ma cca, ex-jmd. trixy and i were kinda shock. AND, he teach us singing.. he asked everyone to sing and he kinda note down our weaknesses. he commented that ma english have singlish assence[spells?] so i should improve, and then he commented that i need more groove. LOL. his singing is great and i think he's quite handsome.. and then you'll be rather amaze that he's so humorous and crappy. BUT he came to visit us cos he's going army soon, so that would probably be da first and last visit? =[ ...STILL we manage to take a picture with him! HEH.

this is trixy and leon.

this is jessica and leon [ma shot wasnt nice so i edited it to make maself look nicer? LOL.]

i went back to hito on friday, accompany by wen and xue. i miss all of them you know. but i only got to see mickey, haitao and andrew.. mr cow work in da night. duh. mickey ask me to go back to work during long holidays, i wonders. anw.. wen, xue and me were being cam-addict[sounds betta then cam-whores] again. LOL.




jess & wen & xue.

i try to smile with ma teeth. UGLY. =E

our shadows.

we tried on da fila shirt.


HEH. kiddo.

i like this picture.


burst out laughing.


look at our face..





photo buddies.

LOVE <3.


if only,
you're like a devil..
who clings on tightly.

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