April 1, 2006


i went to da hollaback crew organised by motorola, broadcast station 98.7fm. it's great, especially da group named st fusion. their dances were really good, da rapper, da drummer and blah. i so hope i can be like da dancers who dance so well. i will right? in two to three years time! lmao. i wanna go to da finals and i'm kinda sad da dj never saw me.. so he never let me up on stage to get da tickets. LOL. i will tune in to 98.7 from monday onwards.. and i hope i will get a chance to da finals - tickets. SLIM CHANCE ya can say.

i bought tank cd already! i'm so glad, listening now. heh.

i'm no longer hito crew. i can say i miss some crew like cornie auntie, mr cow, pauline, dominic, ee ling.. maybe miki, laoda, haitao, xiaomei, da two aunties chris and violet. when i took ma pay ytd.. joey said da two aunties miss me. boy am i great, lol. he too asked me to study hard.

that big crush msg me and ask where i'm studying. heh. he knew i wanna get into optemetry but i didnt. i'm so sad i aint an optician, cos big crush said he'll marry me if i am one. cos his degree is eight hundred plus and he say he is partially blind. LOL.

remember, he's attached.. he is.


some random pictures taken weeks ago

i've got a pretty face. :D

let's go dancing!



illegal immigrants. x:




four-eyed lady.


help! o_o

i'm trying v hard to fly, bye bye specs! :p

wen's version. xD


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