April 3, 2006


jm received a call from NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC already. when is ma turn? lol. he's successful lah. i hope mine will be too. i guess, maybe da more hope i hoping, da less hope i will have.. eh?

i gonna go to nyp tomorrow to hand in da forms and payment of school fees already. and then da orientation. will it be fun? wonders. i just wanna make more friends, and having 'warmth' so that i wont regret[no choice maybe.] o_o but i'm still waiting, i dont mind withdrawing from nyp, am i?

okay lah, enough of admission and stuffs. i think as i grow older, i started to treasure people around me.. especially family and friends. i think i have only five good friends or those i often go out and talk problems to. they are - anna, stella, wen, xue and yang[not in order]. i have only FIVE. i keep telling ma mum i dont have friends.. i dont have anyone to go out with except them. LOL. i treasure them lah.. sometimes when i sees something, it can link to them, for example wen like cherry, anna like moos, stella like brown, xue like pretty clothes, yang like white.

i hope we wont get lost in touch cos everyone is going different perspective in life. i hope there will still be meetings and outings together. thank for being in ma life pals! =D

apart from them.. i will also miss people that by pass ma life, like some classmates and colleagues. not to forget ma first love. actually there've been great times being together with him. when i recalled, some scenes is like so dramatic.. ehehe. i remembered there was a time he and me was waiting for one-nine-o at plaza sing bustop.. and then da bus didn come for very long. when da bus arrived, it was so pack. we ran three to four bustops ahead, holding hands. and i kept grumbling he ran too fast and i was so tired. LOL. memories.

i wonder when will i get into a relationship again. HAHA. i guess maybe after a long time? ..cos i dont want ma heart to break and mend and again and AGAIN. i'm kinda paranoid with people who keep changing steads like clothes or two timers. they can be with da guy/girl for a few days and then break up. wont their heart like crack or something. and ya, wont they feel disgusted if they kiss so many people. LOL. i dont mean to offend people just that this is what i've been thinking. can ya imagine, different saliva? EWW.

i guess i must have been too bored to think of this. oh well, pardon me for da long entry and i wonder who will read finish this. :p

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