March 29, 2006

hello hmmmms...

okay, i dont know who are you or maybe ya forget to leave your name. but hii! [tell me who u are if ya saw this.. i will be glad to know ya]

i 'saw' dom.. i found his friendster! lol. and he leave me a testimonial. HEH. i'm mad lah but again he's ma dream, ma big crush for now. i found out he's in into gothic style[frm his pictures], he take part in dance competitions and.. he's just too different. dream may always be dream? :]

stel came to find me yesterday after work. we sorta explore raffles place and then without noticing, we walk to tanjong pagar. LOL. and then again, we walked back to raffles place BUT we couldnt find da mrt station. so we ask people ard, we're lost! haha. and we walked to esplanade and then to city hall? we walked like one to two hours, i guess we're really bored. lmao. met her sis in lot one and then dinner.

i went for checkup today and then it was like so funny. cos i know nuts about checkup. it's ma first time! anw for da eye checkup, i couldnt see da small alphabet but i can see da small numbers. o_o.

i still haven get a reply from np and sp. shrugs.

and ya, tank gt a song name jessica. i was like WOW. haha. cos there's song like melody and serena.. now is me! =j

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