April 17, 2006

life's a beach, bitch

i suddenly think of that beach bitch phrase. LOL. today da first day of school.. i think it's rather bored but it came out pretty funny.

hmms, went to town yesterday with stel after dance. we were like in fareast for just half-and-hour or so? LOL. cos she's rushing for time and she manage to buy a pants at puremilk. i wanted to buy something too.. but oh well, save money[and cos no time xD].

i tie ma hair like ma hair was short\cut. lol.

and again, with flash light on. xD.

i'm happy that ma eyelid look so single. LOL. and ya, ma complexion look so good in it but it's actually not true. shrugs.


saw da appeal letter from NP? i was so happy when it was written UNSUCCESSFUL. i keep YEAH-ing here and there, ma brother said i was mad. seriously.. i'm a little. but, i wont be regret not choosing np if i have a chance to. on da other hand, i will be so damn confuse whether or not to stay in NYP.

i feel like i'm a snowman, i'm melting.. sweetly.

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