April 18, 2006


name twenty people ya can think of now at the top of ur head. dont read the questions underneath until ya write the names of all twenty people.

1 eugenia
2 xue
3 stel
4 anna
5 wen
6 aaron
7 adrian
8 amos
9 yiling
10 tin
11 meisyan
12 trixy
13 kevin
14 jerms
15 eve
16 daniel
17 yammy
18 rizwan
19 ying haw
20 anthea

1 how did u meet 14?
he's ma ogl, mit0614.
2 what would u do if u never meet 1?
i lost a friend who go see beach boys with me. LOL
3 what wld u do if 20 and 9 dated?
urms, they will become good girlfriend.
4 did u ever like 19?
5 would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
we shall see.
6 describe3
she's LOVELY, ma bestie.
7 do u think 8 is attractive?
ya, he is but i dont know him.
8 tell me something abt 7
he dyes a blonde hair.
9 do u know anyone of 12's family?
10 what's 8 favourite?
i heard beach when he introduce himself.
11 what would u do if 18 confess he/she likes u?
he's ma ex.>
12 what language does 15 speaks?
english and chinese.
13 who is 9 going out with?
not sure.
14 how old is 16 now?
seventeen i suppose.
15 when the last time u talked to 13?
in person, friday.
16 what is 2 fav singer/band?
17 would u ever date 4?
i will date ma bestie out =D
18 would u ever date 7?
ya, why not.
19 is 15 single?
nope, she's attached.
20 wat is 10 last name?
i'm not sure.
21 would u be in a serious relationship with 11?
she's a gal and i'm a gal too. o_o
22 what sch does 3 go to?
ngee ann polytechnic.
23 where does 6 lives?
jurong east.
24 what ur fav thing abt 5?
madness. xD
25 have u ever seen no1 naked?

i got this from yiling's blog and was suppose to do? haha, NAH. i found it rather interesting too, so i did.


eugenia snapped alot of retarded me. o_o. hmms.. she keep pulled me around in school cos she want me to show her handsome beach boys. seriously, our school have but they're hiding in some corner. LOL. and ya, i wrote ma name in da dance cca list already. i hope they remember to call me to go for audition. i really can dance in two to three years time if they give me a chance. lmao.

this what ya will do when boredom turns to entertainment. LOL. [sequence: top left, top right, bottom left then bottom right]

da shape was stabbed.

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