April 15, 2006

life so puzzle.

i seriously think that life is yuck, at times. i dont understand why someone can be like so 'hot' with ya for da first couples of day and ya feel so 'cold' later. maybe i really lost that friend, close friend. maybe i wasnt a mystery, aint interesting anymore.

and seriously, i think will ma classmates be so united for like a month after? or even two or three years down da road? i hope we will. life is so unsure, uncertain.. that's da way i hate. i hate partings and sadness.

enough of ma thoughts yea, i gonna post some random pictures from ma outings that i think i look nice or what-so-ever. ehehe. and ya, i forget to eat big big bowl noodles with wen on april fourteen.. it meant for people who get rejected by guys whom ya like? LOL. aww, it just some kind of valentine day.

and ya, school is starting on monday.. how exciting or boring can it get? o_o


this is taken on wednesday when we got a pool cum arcade outing. i was da only girl who came in ma class, but hey.. da ogls were there! =D

and this is me, trying to play pool. ma coach was aaron? LOL. anw, da black ball went in!

seriously, i think this picture is supo funny. i was like calling arni[spells?] to take photo but jason already snap it. and ma mouth was like opening halfway. lmao.


this is taken on thursday, most of da classmates went to bishan to have our lunch.

hey, they 'capture' yz and me in da camera. i am rumour with this guy.. it all started on a chat log in msn that he wanted ma photo. LOL.

i love this! :D

our group shot in esplanade.

yiling wasnt in da shot cos she was da photographer. and yea, a shot taken down da escalator. =B

and again.


this is taken at sentosa, siloso beach. we played volleyball and then captain's ball.

da ball, da centre of attraction.

siti and jess advertising for seaweeds! ehehe.

seaweeds' ninja. LOL.

seriously, we're very attentive watching da monkey show.

it was ma first time taking a shot with a monkey. i think her name is sakura or miki.. but can i say she's quite heavy.

it was infact, raining. o_o.

a candid shot. lmao.

jess, robin and jerms da birthday boy.

tin and jess. i wore a cap cos i look so ugly when ma hair was wet. aha.

seriously i like this picture. LOL.

i like this picture too. xD

all off us was on sea!

jess and liting.

group photo! HEH.


jess and tin. we're da yellows. =D

in da bus, da ride back to harbourfront.

reflections reflect us.

taken with ronald macdonalds. HAHA.

more pictures HERE

smallblockhead dead?

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