March 8, 2006


i went to appeal for a course in np, sp, nyp and rp already. lols. i'm quite kiasu cos i do not want to waste another year working. i felt much relieve after i saw so many people appealing.. either for a transfer of course or appealing for a course. the other thing that made me more confidence was ma L1R4.. i thought it was 18 but after deducting of cca points, it become 17. heh. i guess one point make a lil different, especially to me. i hope i can be an environmentalists someday, so np please accept me. =D

i went for eyebrow trimming after ma appealing. i think i look much better cos i think it's neater. as usual, ma bro keep laughing at me. well, i like can already! LOL.

ma life is rather peaceful/bored, cos i did nothing but work.. eat and sleep. duh. anyone wanna make ma life more lively?

arghh, i cant seems to upload ma photo in here.

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