March 15, 2006


i don know why i feel so sleepy nowadays when i'm working. and ya, i started to hate this colleague who's ma manager now. i dont know why, i just hate his face or his work behaviour.. i feel like quitting, but again.. i got nothing to do at home, and being at home wont spore money. LOL. ya, i'm working in this japanese cafe for about four months already and all together i earn about thousand plus. it's actually so damn little. o_o.

another colleague quit, kevin. hai. i wonder why from da day i work at this cafe.. there's about nine colleagues leaving me. i see them come and go, those fun moments are gone. especially when there's dom and pauline. DOM! lols. dom is ma dream lover maybe.. but i wont get to see him again, unless i enter NGEE ANN POLY. can you imagine? he actually went into the course film, video and sound. god. i recalled he tell me he scare he wont be able to enter a polytechnic and now he's into a good course. wonders.

yea, i went out with wen after work on monday. i style ma hair messy messy when i saw her hair messy messy. LOL. this are the neoprints we've taken..




LOL. i nearli exposed and wen drew that circle thing. xD.

wen head was cut off? lmao.

i nv see da camera. o_o.


FYI.. i didn put makeup but it came out as if i did! lmao.

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