March 5, 2006


results are out, and guess what? my application failed. i didn get into any course and now i'm damn lost. what course to appeal? shrugs. i got only one choice for appeal in ngee ann poly, two choices in singapore poly. i wanna appeal civil and env engineering in np but ma bro ask me not to. there's only 88 intake for last year.. it's too risky. i wanna get into np cos i feel da warmth.. but then again, i may lost da chance if i appeal that env course.

i gonna be kiasu so i may appeal all da poly, i don wanna waste ma year working through. bless me! go go.

in life there's two way to live, to be happy and to be sad. i choose to be happy and lead ma life. LOL. even if i put on a face all this while, it dosent mean i can change da fact and da thing is.. i got so much life ahead. i'm hearing losta stuffs like this courses are bad, this poly are yuck. but then if you think through.. you are not in da situation and maybe it's great after you try.

i guess this is another situation to let me go through and be careful of stuffs like this. and ya, i went to sentosa for da past few days.. i gt lil tanned line. i look like chocolate now. BROWN! lmao.


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