February 20, 2014


Late nights, some things of thoughts...

"Reality is a gentle monster.
She respects your dreams and ambitions.
But most of the time, she'll have the final say." 

Lately I've been like a cave (wo)man.

I hardly heads out. Have been staying home and hibernating. Sometimes I dislike how I'm behaving. Lost? Maybe. Or maybe cos I haven't been earning moolahs to sustain myself and I hate to see the figures starts to be rolling away. By staying home, the figure stops a little. But perhaps I am just plain lazy to head out.

"I'll work hard. Someday..."

 I often told myself that if I work hard and believe enough, maybe my dream will come true. Then again, I've not be working hard enough. You know how talking is cheap. I'm always procrastinating and staring into space.

Time have been on my side lately but I seems to waste it away. I guess I just need... a push. There is so much things to study, to understand. I need to broaden my vision, maybe I need to travel. I need to be braver, more independent and step out of my comfort zone.

I also need guidance... for...

Hmms, I can't wait to resume work again.
Busy busy busy, I guess that's more like it.

And I'm feeling rather alone lately. There is also so much things I want to tell or say to someone. I wanted to head out or hang out but I really don't know who can or am okay with it. Sometimes I worried I can be quite a nuisance.

There's also some peeps in mind I haven't seen for ages. I miss them, I wanna meet them, but can I? Will they be free? But then again I might just want(end up) staying home ... ... ...

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