January 28, 2014

Ettusais x The Closet Lover

Model for a day...

You know how happy when you got to doll up and feeling different.

So around two weeks ago, Evelyn and me went for a makeover shot. It started when I saw this posting from The Closet Lover facebook and RSVP!

I always love this kind of makeover event as seldom I have full makeup on, let alone a hairdo. We went to the second day of the event and the earlier slot. The event took place at The Closet Lover's office.

Above photos taken from Ettusais facebook page.

We got to choose our own apparel from The Closet Lover. The owners Bertilla and Brianna also provide us styling advice on the outfits.

I didn't exactly have in mind what to wear. In the end I wore TCL Strappy Cropped Top in Off-White and TCL Embossed Tulip Skirt in Hot Pink. Evelyn wore TCL Courtney Paperbag Dress in Florals.

Here's the photoshoot pictures send by Ettusais...

 I must say the dress really suit Evelyn! She look so pretty! Heheh.

I think I look rather awkward and ugly. I guess I can't take such studio photos or I need fake eye lashies. Look at my eyes. Rawr. But it's okay, still have to share the love! Hahaha. I look better somehow with the photos from my camera though it ain't so sharp.

Here's two of us together...

YAY! Cheers to our friendship since secondary school.

Big head shot of us before we head of to our date!

More photos the next post or next next! We went to the botanical gardens to enjoy the sun!

Ending off with a few more picture of myself...

Don't I look very different with this wavy short hair? Looking vintage. Heheh.

I'm loving pink color recently (:


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