February 21, 2014

Andrea's Lasagna

A hearty meal...

 "Good friends, good food, good times..."

Last month, PRYSM arrange a meetup and we head over to Andrea's house. We didn't intend to eat outside to save some moolahs so Andrea decided she should cook. I must say she is a great chef! Heheh. She decided to cook chicken Lasagna, and it was actually my first time eating it 'cos usually the ones selling in shops are mainly beef? Hurray to trying a new dish.

 The chef in action. I can't help ('cos I can't cook) so I guess I shall snap some pictures.

Tadahh and it's ready for baking! I must say cooking a lasagna require a lot of work and ingredients. I miss taking quite a bit of steps in my pictures as well. Haha. One day I shall learn to cook or maybe I should ask my mum to get an oven.

Now, magic time...

Our yummy dinner (:

A group photo for the night...

I kind of miss you girls! How've you all been?

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