January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

See you when I see you...

"You're not suppose to lookback, you're suppose to keep on going."

Right now is just the first few hours of 2014 and I'm actually looking back or say reflecting of what happen in 2013. I can't exactly remember the full details of 2013 as my memories seems to fail me lately. Oh wait, if I look back my collection of photos albums I may remember...

January 2013 - Red Hair Girl

WOAH. Hahaha. Pretty shock to see this photo and yes I've never post this anywhere before. I chopped my long hair the last few days of 2012 and dye it bright red. YAY!
Taken by Andrea during my first studio shoot by Darren Teng, yes I am the model.
You can read more about it here:

February 2013 - Neon Highlighter Craze

To date my craziest hair color. My red hair faded and I went to bleach it.
You can read more about it here:

March 2013 - Astro Girl

This was taken in Singapore Art Museum. I was actually one of the paparazzo for President Young Talent Award. I took a picture of the President and the various artist, the president was that close.
No blog post for this but here's the link if you're interested:

April 2013 - Feeling like Mermaid

My first visit to the other end of the Island, I must say it feel magical.
You can read more about it here:

May 2013 - Almost black 

Dye most of my hair black, only when I shake my hair this fantastic colors will be shown. Lol. That very month, Alvin and me shoot our first short film.
If you are interested in the hair, I can't remember I wrote a blogpost but here is the video:

June 2013 - Floral Crowns
The month I started to do some hands on, do-it-yourself.
I'm also involve in a shoot for SDZ alumni and a baby shoot of my cousin little Jerrain.
You can view the photos on www.facebook.com/wemerrygoround

 July 2013 - Wonderland

Went to watch preview of NDP and got inspired by my friend from Noise 2013.
I tell myself that this brand new year I will be joining Noise 2014.
Paprazzo for Noise opening:

August 2013 - Up the hills

Visited the bukit timah hills and also assist in a dance concept video. It was yet another accomplishment for Wemerrygoround. I was also the main photographer for Oschool Wonderment at Marina Bay Sands.
Watch the dance concept video here:
View the pictures for Oschool Wonderment here:
Wonderment - 16 & 17 Aug 2013 @ Marina Bay Sands Theatres

September - Sawadeka

Visited the land of smiles - Bangkok. I promise a blogpost for the trip soon.
Watch the travelogue here:

October - FLEURX

My webstore www.fleurx.com launched. Xclusively for the love of floral.

November 2013 - Sunflower Craze

Alot of things happening this month, I can't remember much but I am working really hard.

December - Teddy friend

I've made a major decision and say goodbye to my home of 2 years 2 months.

2013 have been a blast, I learned and I've grow.

I guess 2014 would be a better year ahead and I will try to open my heart more?

Happy New Year everyone! (:

I'm really grateful for my friends and family who stand by me, especially Mr Thoo! Hahha. I'm really someone who is bad at words, someone who don't speak up. To say the truth, I don't have much friends and at times when I want to have someone to talk to, there seems to be no one. Thank you so much for being there. I love you!

This brand new year I will blog more at this little space to share about my everyday life and what's not. Thank to those reading this, thank you readers! Heheh.

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