January 7, 2014

Travelogue Bangkok - The Land of Smile

An overdue post since last Sep 2013, pictures mainly from Mr Hero.

Hello! Sit back and enjoy our trip to BKK. It's my second time there! Woohoo.
If you're interested in my first trip, you can read here:

Before heading off, we have a meal at Astons. Yummy and fulfilling!

Another group picture before departure.

 If you realize...

We're in duo! Hahah. Couple trip yes (:

After a couple of hours, we arrive at Bangkok! Here's us getting excited upon reaching our hotel!
Some selfies before heading out for some shopping! Our hotel is quite a new hotel called Metz Pratunam. The inner decor of the room is very nice with clean decorations! Hahah. The only problem for the hotel is that you must walk quite a distance before you reach the shopping area like Platinum Mall, Pratunam, etc.

For more information, you can refer to: http://www.metzpratunamhotel.com

Day 1 - Khao San
As we reach our hotel around late afternoon, we rest awhile and head to our first destination - Khao San.

Our failed group picture. Lol.

The streets of Khao San...

Tourist shot.

We chilled at a bar, ate some local delights, shopped around and called for a day. This is my second visit to Khao San and I must say it seems a little disappointing. The things selling at the shop doesn't seems appealing and there seems to be very little crowd. The only excited part was the chocolate banana waffle. Teehee.

Day 2 - Platinum Mall, Pratunam, Siam Square & "I can't remember"

The day started with a drizzle. We lost our way but guess what? We found a train rail.

We set off really early to Pratunam and then to our childhood favorite...

 A&W. Loving the root bear. As we are the first customer of the day, the food was extremely fresh. We ate it for 2 consecutive days. Right now I'm still craving for it, gawd.

After that we head to NaRaYa.

The must go place everyone 'chiong' gifts for their family and friends.

We went to a cafe to rest and eat dessert. I can't remember the name but it was some toast with ice-cream.

Presenting the boys and the girls! ;D

We got really YOLO and request the cab driver to squeeze us 6 into one cab.
Tadahhh! It was pretty exciting, cramp and what's not.

The day ended with shopping at Siam Square? I remember sausage wrap with bacon hunting in the different 7-11. YES, talking about 7-11, you can literally see one like less than 50 steps? Lol. And I must say I really like the sausage bacon from 7-11 and trying to influence everyone.

Day 3 - Soka Gakkai Thailand, Chatuchak & Union Mall

The view from the entrance of our hotel.

The lovely quote we woke up to, everyday.

 We set off early to visit Soka Gakkai Thailand.
YAY to Mr Hero for so many group pictures!

It was raining bad again but am glad there is always sunshine after the rain! Another proof that we are here at Chatuchak! Hahah.

You see how much stuffs Alvin have brought. A bagpack and his paper bag have a few good shoes!

The day ended with a rewarding meal at Union mall!

Here's part of my loots from the trip...
I didn't exactly buy a lot and was in a complete swirl as you know there is just too many stuffs around.

Day 4 - Last minute shopping, packing and back home
Goodbye the Lands of Smile, we will be back again!

No much food visuals and place but all our happy faces. I guess those pictures say much more? Heheh.

Can't wait for another vacation yet again!

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