December 30, 2013

Sixteen December

Thank you for the well wishes, it's my special day...

I'm back with another post of my actual birthday, sixteen december.
I wore a sugar skull maxi I bought from BKK during september, I'm loving it. Hmms... Come to think of it, I should blog about trip to BKK soon *winks*

Back to the date with my cousin Eve! We went to eat at Far East east plaza, shop and around and then hi-tea at TWG. Heheh. I'm not a fan of tea and know nuts about it but it was a nice experience. I must say TWG ambient is pretty good with the decorations and all.

I ordered Tea Shake 'cos I am not a fan of hot drink but I regretted. Lol. My cousin's Eve order one tea time set menu which comes with a TWG tea and two handmade scones served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream. I tried a little of the scones and hmms... interesting taste.

We wanted a picture together then came the waiter so excited to join us. Yay or nay?

Some full body shot with my self-inverted timer along orchard road.

Shooting infront of Haagen-Dazs as if it is a tourist attraction. Teehee.

Thank you cousin Eve for the treat and the lovely nail polish, I wore it for Christmas ;)

When night time falls, I went to meet Alvin. I accompany him to his meeting as he is leaving for Myanmar soon. I didn't exactly think he will surprise me and never though of it but...

He did! Yvonne and me birthday falls on the same day. So TADAHhh! Our birthday cakes from our beloved boyfriend.

Cutting our cakes, happy us!

A group photo of us and before they head off to Myanmar to perform for Seagames.

YAY! SYDC, always your No. 1 fan ;D

It's the second last day of a brand new year, what's your thought about it?

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