December 22, 2013

Twenty-four years old

New faith in life...

& I'm no longer young and free.

This year, my birthday fall on a Monday. The actual day was spend with my cousin Eve and a surprise cake from Alvin, together with SYDC. The day after I met up with my bestie Wen.

Celebrated my birthday earlier with Alvin on the 14th, it was a different experience 'cos we have the car to ourselves from afternoon till night time. The places we went is kind of impromptu. Before we head out, we record a makeup video. Alvin does my makeup... MY BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKE UP! Hahah.

Here's the result...

If you realize, the eyeliner is quite dark. But oh well, it was pretty good for a first try. He tried a lot of things like contour, T-line, etc. To be frank, I am really bad at makeup. Hopfully the video is "see-able". Lol.

Our first destination was SPRUCE. It was my first time there and I must say the ambiance is rather nice and their brunch is yummy!

After we fill our stomaches, time for our next destination.

Make a guess...

We're at Gallop Stables! It's a relatively new establishment located at Punggol End. As the name would suggest, it is a place that offers horse and pony riding activities catering largely to families and childrens.

The cute Gallop Wagons are also for rent and are opened to the public. All the Gallop Wagons are well equipped with basic amenities like wifi, mio-TV, shower/toilet facility and air-conditioning.

On top of that, barbecue pits can be rented as well for $30.

The rates for the chalets are as follows:
Deluxe Wagon charges: $170 (Weekdays) / $200 (Weekends)
Family Wagon charges: $190 (Weekdays) / $230 (Weekends)
Extra Beds – $60 (weekdays) & $80 (weekends)

Information from:

The place is so beautiful, it doesn't even feel like Singapore. I would love to head there again for a proper shoot. Heheh.

 Want a ride? ;)

Our picture with the pony.

It was a pity we forget to bring our Mr Tripod along, but still we manage to get some proper photos together.

Test shots. Heheh.


Thanks for holding my hand, and endure with my often: "WAIT one more picture, wait another." During the process we complain how troublesome or frown. When we are back, we're really happy with our impromptu photo session.

Our last destination was Westgate. We didn't know what to eat and saw Ipuddo. So there we go...

Everything was great that day, the yummy food and places. I must say I really enjoy my birthday! Much loves! 

I can't wait to see you when you're back from Myanmar.

Next post will be of my actual birthday on the 16th and what's not...

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