July 13, 2013

"There" Short Film by wemerrygoround

Written/Film/Edited by Alvin Thoo, co-produced with Jessica Lim...
Holla! It's been one and a half months since I last blog.  Time for some updates!
Cupcakes for you? ;)

If you haven't already watch, here's Alvin and me first ever short film called "There". 

"There" seeks to elucidate an episode of how/what a person thinks, at the beginning of a relationship, in Singapore.

We often describe this moment as the sweetest. During this period, when the relationship is about to begin, all they wanted was to know more about each other. It is the moment of exploration and aspiration for both the individuals.

This short film allows you to see what unveils in the mind of our character and what appears in his or her thought, just when the moment is about to begin and wanting to be There.

This film is an entry for ciNE65 II (2013) with the theme of 'I'll be there for you Singapore'.

Here's some highlights captured...

Featuring our cast, Lim Yingxin and Nicholas Ng.

Besides having a good meal to motivate and reward ourselves, we filmed our food!

Feauturing Marche. It's really YUMMYYYYY! ;D

We  also head to Marina Barrage...

Group picture of us!

It was really challenging to shot everything in a day. We travel around the whole of Singapore from the west to the east and then back again.

The complete list of winners for this year's ciNE65 competition is released few days ago via http://www.cine65.sg/blog.php . Though we did not manage to get shortlisted, it was a great experience and learning journey.

We hope you enjoy our very first short film!

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I'll be there for you.

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