August 12, 2013

[Sponsored] Outfits from Seeds of Sarah

Photographed by Wen, edited by yours truly. 

Butterfly sleeved top.

SOS! Signature Tangerine Polka.

Lovely outfit received from my friend, Joan, the owner of Seeds of Sarah (SOS).

At SOS, you can find a versatility of styles and outfit for any occasions.

I also did a collaboration shoot with Seeds of Sarah and The Water Dish.

It was my first shoot which both fashion and pets. I can't wait to share them at my photography + film page via We Merry Go Round too. Heheh.  

Here's a sneak for you...

 The dogs of the owner, Maxine.

Do keep a look out for updates on my page! ;) I will try my best to blog often, provided I don't keep sleeping when I got free time. Hahha.

It's August already, Happy Birthday Singapore! 


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