May 30, 2013

D.I.Y Floral Crown

Handmade, with love.
"Don't wait for someone to give you flowers...
plant your own garden and decorate your own soul."

Here's my very first floral crown...

They are created for the love of flowers ;)
I was also inspired by the images of floral crowns on Tumblr. It seems pretty difficult to find the perfect floral crown around so I decided to do-it-myself. After lil bit of research, I manage to get most of the material and so they are created! Teehee.

Here's me with my floral crown, I shall name it "Rosa".

She is as fragile as a new born now, I'm gonna take care of her.

Meanwhile, do stay tuned for more D.I.Y floral crowns? Hopefully there will be more designs coming up for photoshoots. Heheh. I'm starting to be handy-crafty like my younger days in primary/secondary school.

Once in awhile, I do miss the old me!

Art of love.


Boho Vanity said...

I love these! Do you sell them by any chance? :)

Jordan | Boho Vanity

Jessica Lim said...

Hi Jordan,

Sorry for the late reply as I did not see this comment until now.

I do sell them if you like to have them! Which country are you from?