May 11, 2013

4th Year Anniversary @ Tulipmania

It's great to have you by my side...

Happy 4th Year Anniversary Alvin Thoo! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU! ;D
Thanks for taking care of me when I am sick and tolerating all my nonsensical moments. Four years never come easy, let's continue to have many years ahead.


So on that special day, we went to Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay.

Don't you love the gorgeous flowers and wish you were at Netherlands during springtime to see this flowers in full bloom? 

At the Gardens, you can experience the glory of a Dutch spring with Tulipmania, it is the largest tulip-themed floral show ever to be held in Singapore. With blooms flown in directly from Netherlands by their official sponsor KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, visitors can look forward to a spectacular display of 20,000 tulips in a vibrant myriad of spring colours such as red, pink, yellow, white and purple.

Along with other features such as Dutch windmills and customized wooden clogs at the Tulipmania Flower Display, visitors can expect to enjoy a little piece of the Netherlands right in the heart of the Gardens.

I especially love these Daisy!

Go visit Tulipmania and capture the pretty flowers! Go now or never 'cos they are open till 20 May 2013 only. If not maybe you can save up and fly to Netherlands? Lol.

If you haven't... Here's a short piece of animation/stop motion done by us.

We would like to commemorate our fourth year's anniversary and also to thank everyone for giving us support and guidance.

Hope you enjoy and do support and like our page called wemerrygoround!
It's for our dreams! (:

Our whole wide world, let's walk a hundred miles...

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