April 19, 2012

Travelogue - Bangkok Part One

A short getaway...

My second trip overseas with a whole lot of friends, the feeling pretty awesome! (:

The journey from Singapore to Bangkok was like a whole 2.5 hour?
I requested for the window seat and here are some of the treasures that I've captured.

Lovely, yes?

Upon arrival at Bangkok airport terminal, it was almost night time and there was a van that drove us to our next destination - Baiyoke Boutique Hotel. It is rather modern and it does have a nice ambiance.

My buddy and room-mate, Audrey Wai.

Day #1

International buffet for breakfast.

We woke up pretty late and there was nothing much left, that day was a Saturday.

Next up, we went to the weekend market - Chatuchuk.

 Our resting point with yummy spaghetti and chix rice.

With one of our favourite shop called Untitled Unnamed.

 Chatuchuk was seriously huge with different section. Their fashion was awesome and I guess, you need at least 2 - 3 days to complete them. I will definitely love to go there again...

That's Aud and my loots at Chatuchuk.

Before we end the day off, some relaxation at Healthland Spa for some Thai massage.

Stay tune for part two of my Bangkok trip!

It's great to travel (:

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