April 18, 2012

Asymmetrical skirt & Purplish-red hair

Dressing up brightens up my day...
Finally, I wore my asymmetrical skirt! I like to call it Fish-tail skirt.

Something else I bought along to match my outfit...

(Dorothy Perkins red clutch, River Island star necklace, Cotton On bangles, Navy sleeveless top from BKK, Black leopard wedge boots from Bugis Street)

 I am pretty crazy about the dress and boots now... and I got another Fish-tail dress in brown. Looking forward to dress up and matching my outfit. Thanks Andrea for always helping me to take pictures during lunch time. You can check out her Tumblr here. Teehee.

 'Cos of my new hair color, I am kind of restricted to dark color tops like black, navy, white, grey. What else will be great to match my look now?

Narcissistic me is back again.

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