June 16, 2010

Missed Love

Sizzling red, sizzling hot.

The second time we've a coincindence invert of colors.

It must be some kind of chemistry that we both wore red.. or perhaps that day is feeling red day. The previous time that we actually worth the same color was black and blue which was one year ago. That was pretty unexpected and fun.

I pretty miss the crazy times we've. Not that now we ain't crazy, just that both of us got too busy. I always assume that the start of relatnship is honeymoon and ends up with honeymoon. I know we both have our own commitments but sometimes I am aware and I go about being angry, paranoid and tend to cry. I'm sorry to behave like this.. I just couldn't control.

I'm 20, going 21. Maybe I still want to act as if I'm a baby.

I know how much you care..
..and we're actually very lucky.

Time is my enemy.
Always racing against.

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