July 17, 2010

Hetic Pokka Dots

The society through colored lens.

Do you like my new minnie mouse? ;D

I'm kind of out of the world recently. I find it hard to say HI to someone or even trying to contact and hang out. Perhaps days have been really pack. Working in school is pretty different, or maybe my perception of school when I am young and now.. it's entirely two different things.

I don't like the part whereby people like to use 'TAIJI' and pass message or task. Why don't they just be direct? Why always involve the third party? Or why should we do when it is out of job scope?

Sigh, society.

Anyway, the main reason I am pack is also 'cos I've been taking a new Professional Diploma in Advertising and Design. I'll be study every Tuesday and Thursday night 7pm - 10pm at Chatsworth Media@rt Academy Singapore. Then I'm having dance practises every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Woo! Go girls hip hop and mtv pop!

And I'm still part-time associate in Cotton On.

I hope I can manage time well, so much things to handle. Sometimes I know I got alot of stuffs to do BUT during weekends.. I just stay blank and stone.

Ah yes, I'm starting to get use to Macbook!

Baby Boy.

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