March 15, 2010

Life as a Teacher

In time like this, I feel that I'm going back to the past.

Hi, this is kitty meow.. she accompany me to school (:

Every time I'm working, I'm thinking of other great jobs, earning great moolahs. I pretty like the sight of seeing somebody dress very nicely, colored hair, short and mini skirts. It's not that being a teacher means you mus dress very nerd-ly, just that.. a lot of things are constricted. I'm so not me anymore.

Perhaps I'm undergo another stage of life, maturity? Lol.

Last week, I was asked by the Vice-Principal to take pictures of kids playing. Of cause I am very willing, my favourite is camera yes? Somemore DSLR seh.

This are the few favourites of the day..

She's really cute and was shouting and screaming to her friends that I shouldnt take their picture. BUT in the end she just stood there, how pretty!

My three weeks of experience in school was like going back to the past. I taught like five different classes already. Two of them was basic of PowerPoint, two was Adobe Photoshop CS3, the last was just Edulearn portal. I put my shoes as a kid, how I hope the teacher will be like and howis it to understand certain things in a simpler way. I'm still not a very good teacher though and some kids think I'm somewhat sister. Tsk, that's all goes down to my kiddy face. HAHHA. But I'll do my best, AZA AZA fighting!

For those who dont know, I'm now teaching as a Multimedia Educator/ Residential ICT Educator/ IT Trainer/ Teacher in Rosyth School. I'm not under MOE but still if you get what I mean.

I wanna be free..

I wanna be the attraction.

If I'm a millionare,
he knows.

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YINGXIN said...

I like your pictures of the kids I want to take em too hahaha !