February 14, 2010

My Valentine's not here right now

You're on my mind all the time, I wonder how much you've been miss.

Today is the 14th, we had our first on the 12th.

Valentine Day is a day where couples come together and celebrate, shower each other with love(not like other days you cant but for some who havent been more romantic? Lol.) For those who are single, take it a chance to spread the love. You can have a day out with your boy or girl friends. You can give chocolate to the guy you like and on March 14th which is white Valentine, the guy will return the chocolate if he feels the same way(Japanese culture?). So why not follow your heart?

So I did something for baby..

Hand-made chocolates! Only the roses and very smooth heart aint produce by my hands, notice the difference.. HAHAH. Ah yes, thanks to brother Thomas Lim who teach me how to make.. if not no chocolates for Thoo!

Love from big ears Mickey and Minnie :)

I receive something in return too! Am half surprise by the bouquet of flowers 'cos usually guys give girls flowers ya? Lol! I'm very surprise with..

..clover necklace!
幸福草(Happiness grass) oh!
I've been finding clover stuffs whenevr I go shopping.. Pretty aint it? (:

I saw this at workplace and got him a clover too. You can use that when you mug for exams and late nights.


First time going to Fish and Co for dinner and it really have a nice ambience. I remember the last time I went there was with Mons Mons, Joan birthday. I havent see Mons for quite awhile. Ah yes, my brother was so happen to sit two table back-to-back of ours, siblings got telepathy of ideas! OMG LOL.

Some more pictures on the way home..

Potray shots presenting the lovely bouquet.

We love the pretty frames and red walls.

Thanks baby for everything! Though we're really tired we still make time together. Been very long since we really go out. I hope my chocolates dont poison you, and my gifts aint too chidish.

A song for you..

JJ Lin - 第几个一百天
我 把爱铺成蓝天
让不安的妳 一抬头就看得见
我 把心烧成火焰
让怕黑的妳 拥着温暖入眠

我晓得 时间如雪 有时候会覆盖一切
但是真爱 一如倔强会重生的绿叶

第几个一百天 还是很有感觉
用眼睛去素描 妳内心的世界
第几个一百天 也像刚热恋
两个人手一牵 连命运都改变

在我的胸口 你就躺下来别说了
我也会拥抱妳(你)安抚着体谅妳心疼着Wooh ~Wooh~

第几个一百天 越来越有感觉
用眼睛去素描 妳(你)内心的世界
管过多少一百天 也像刚热恋
两个人手一牵 连命运都改变
当守护变信念 连泪水都很甜

I love you.

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