April 16, 2010

Hello you

Delighting you always.

Exciting yet very boring days I'm having now.

It's been a month since I updated. I hardly have any motivation or just pure laziness came upon me. I probably upset some of my readers or maybe I no longer have much readers anymore.

I'm in Rosyth School for almost two months and soon I'm leaving to Wellington School. I hate changes and new environment but I've no much choice. I would have a change and try to conquer the student, not by scolding and nagging but by being their nice teacher and friend that deserve much respect? ;D

Though I dont really like kids..
I've grow feelings for them.


LOL. what are they trying to do?


Last but not least..

Test your eye flexibility!
The crazy pictures I got from digital lesson camera for primary 3, just crazy some kids are. But still no matter how, I find it hard to get angry at them.. or say anyone. I'll only have the buay tahan, pek cek or "WAH LAU cant you even understand" feeling.
(PS. Sorry kids! I didn ask for permission to post such unglam pics :p)

Kids are still kids, just that in this 21st or what century you call it.. they are getting much more clever. Tsk tsk. I'm becoming lao niang already.. my english is super cui.

Anyway come down to SOKA youth centre this sunday! I will be performing with Ngee Ann Student Division for some event. Do come down at support! Right after the performance, I would be going to watch the very fantastic BAO ZHA Singapore Dance Delight! GO GO TO ALL THE GROUPS! FIGHTING!!!


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