January 1, 2010

Happenings of 2009 - Part I

A new start, entirely different life.

From now on, I gonna have an extreme makeover.

I'm grateful that in year 2009, I've experience alot. I've grow more mature and understand another part of life. Life was mostly dance, school and friends.


January - Open house 2009, the time when I was still a senoir in foreign bodies. The monmons have a great time performing together! Circus and Sticky Dirty, I dance Ghetto.. WOO.

Raizan the man.

Almost everyone!

Videos from Day 2 Open House 2009..

.. appearing in HYPE MAGAZINE.

The actuals.

Group shot.

Tadah! The magazine was a February issue.

Last but not least,
SMU Bondue Bash 2009 at Zouk.

Shaqilah and me.

The monmons unite, I really miss everyone of your!


February - It was Chinese New year. I collected angbaos, and classmates came over (:

And yes, pinic for the first time of my life.. at Yishun Dam.


March - I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic. I got a Diploma in Multimedia Infocomm Technology. It mark a new start of my life. The time I need to consider what I should do next. It mark the time I am no longer a teenager.

But before that, a trip to the Sunny Island with classmates.

The beautiful sky.

When the next outing again?

Random sessions and Anan's evolving "Wednesday Crew".

Lost 'N' Found, Ovation, Basic Instinct, Vonique, Sapphire and etc on their way.. I miss dance sessions and everyone of you. How are you Poppin Shin? How's everything? How is everyone now? You know I miss your even if you're not in the picture! Hahah.


April - The first time I went to Taiwan, and the first time I went overseas with a group of friends. It is also the first time I experienced another different me. For the first time, I perform in a crowd that make me feel so good.. it feels so not me. Great experience with the crowd and the Fbodz crashing Max Party VI.

That period of time, I really improved alot. Thanks Regina and Beverly, Sharon and Jasmine. The Foreign Bodies Hip Hop B. (:

The whole group of us! I really miss the time with everyone of your though I may be too quiet. Great exposure.

Performance video!

May not be the best but is the best. Lol.

Click more regarding Max Party VI videos.

Besides Max Party VI, April was also Club Crawl 2009.


May - Someone intrude my heart and take my breath away.

Mr Chill Pill :) !!! <3
Will treasure you to the max, and that's when I found someone who really care so much and take very good care of me. Am glad you wore SUPER DOOPR WHOOPER RED on that FINE-DAY and gave me such a huge impression. My great neighbour, friend and boyfriend. Smooches.

Cotton On Body open in Lot 1.

Featured in Blogshop Ascentee.lj - Collection 35.


June - I cant exactly remember much but I know somehow before or during.. KO night was on, some event at Double O or wherever.

Months from July onwards?
..to be CONTINUED!

I am so damn lazy.
Happy New Year BTW!
I just got twenty, two weeks ago! I got my first full time job, working madly 'cos I got two job.. I dont know why & WHY THE HELL am I like a 'nurse' now. Am (d)lancing less, peek-tures less, hibernating more, out of the world(MIA) more. Tsk tsk, I soon will become a moolahs' slave.

I really miss everything.

When will I ever?

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