April 22, 2009

MAX PARTY VI presenting FBodz

***Videos credited to maxs3wear @ youtube.
Check out this videos..

Foreign Bodies Newstyle.
This is Trademark item and I really like the control. Lesner, Hei, Joey and Regina is dope! Single, single, single..

Foreign Bodies Funkstyle.
Check out the funk! In this item there is Fong, Ck, Jin Ks and Diane.

Foreign Bodies Hip Hop A.
Hey Jiarui..! Lol. In this item there is Baoxin, Leron, Joey, Jiarui, Djinga and Tyron. Heart, heart heart-attack.

Foreign Bodies Hip Hop B.
This is our girls hip hop item. Watching this makes me think how hard we practice before flying to Taiwan. I pretty miss sweating like mad and all together with Beverly, Jasmine, Regina and Sharon.

Some random from girls hip hop..

More pictures can be found at Max Party VI photo album.


I really miss the times in Taiwan!

Anyway, later there would be a performance by FBodz during Club Crawl in NYP sports hall. Do check them out! Performance will probably be 1330.. stay tune! We've put up a good show. Check us out! (:

This School of Groove I'm in, I've so much to say.


"Dance to express,
not to impress."

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