February 8, 2010

Busy busy worm

2010 here I come, am slighly late I'm sorry.

Life have been great, there's ups and down.

I'm simply too lazy to update the next half of 2009, when I've the time.. maybe I should. My blog/nuffnang views have drop a hell lot, I'm upset. If there is anyone that stills read my blog, I hope I'll be more active. Computer and internet doesnt seems as tempting anymore. The cybernet seems lifeless, photos seems so much grey.

Since I started work in National University Hospital, life have been rather restless. I feel mentally tired and bored. Perhaps that's the start of adulthood. I feel the life of a 30+ which is only work and home.. feel like a housewife. It's not about the people and environment, mbe it's just me.

This week will be my last week as a Patient Service Associate. It come to a point where I finally accept that I'm a nurse(as called by patients). I'm like an 'angel' in white that helps people. LOL.

I think it's fate that I am under Dermatology departments where I got to know about Ecyema, Psorasis, Patch Test, Cryotherapy, Intralesional Injections, liquid nitrogen and whatever medical stuff. I'm most fated 'cos the doctor is very concern about my lips and want them to recover, but I always dont bother. I too understand why hospital always makes YOU wait and wait when you come so much more earlier than the appointment time. I understand how my grandmother and YOUR granny feels :)

Nevermind, say HI to being a Teacher in Rosyth School.
I hope I got some 'SEH' so that the kids listen to me.. do I?

Rainbow pleaseee.
Am two zero zeros.

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