April 1, 2009

First Plane Flight

Tell me you will miss me when I'm away, tell me everything will be so fine.

I'm going on air.

When I reach home just now, Mum asked me so much. You need to bring this, and that. The weather will be cold anot and the list goes on. Then I kind of panic and start to get excited for the trip. HAHAH. I am worried if my luggage will be kanna stolen and what if I lost the key for the lock. I am worried about the passport too. I think i'm kind of paranoid or 'cos it's my first time going overseas, what's more to somewhere so far.

Help me pray that everything will be alright man.

I got to focus, really. Everyone is working real hard for the performance and for some - competition. AZA AZA for everyone for MAX Party alright! We can make it..

Taipei Easy Go. Total will be 19 of us, I really hope I will be more bonded with you guys. I should open up myself more :) And I hope it will be an eye opener for me, out there so far.

The lucky draw. None of us got anything except Tyron.. a figurine.

Anyway, I got myself..

..and I called it the African look-alike devil. Aint it lovely? And it's so skinny with sasuage lips!

Past few days have been working and helping out with Toni and Guy Academy hair show. The show was great but it will be better if we were paid. I was dress up like a fairy with extra thick make-up. Then I kope somebody wings and wand to take pictures. Lol. It's the experience that count yes. And I got two kinder joy surprise.. one from A2 and one from chan during work. Thanks ya! Your make my day. I'm like half a zombie.

Two more days.

but still am
kanchiong spider.

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